Designing Videos for Small Business Website

Identify objectives of the video, profile of the probable viewer and the call to action targeted.

Here are some guidelines:

Understand what information path a viewer needs to follow to make a decision.

This path can pass through three main stages

Creating an awareness of an industry or service that covers the buyers need. For example an attorney may give an overview of the law relating to Trusts and Wills. 

The solutions stage. Videos that show "how to" or case study examples.

Videos comparing and validating the product. Testimonials, new product introductions, skills of employees, aftersales service etc.                                                                               

Impulse buy decisions need video content that touches on the emotional and personal senses i.e. the fashion industry. 

Videos should be in the range of 30 to 60 seconds.

Humanize the content by showing the business team in their working environment.

Video or voice over of the owner.

Look at how the competition uses video on their website. See what works well for them- make sure your website allows favorable comparison. 


Designing Videos for Small Business Social Media

Social media outlets should be chosen to ensure they complement the objectives of the website.

Buyers want to get news, entertainment and information that is updated through their social media channels. This allows the business to refresh their content and keep current and future buyers continually engaged.

Here are some guidelines:

A business will normally have at least two social media outlets- Facebook and one other. Populate by the printed word, images, links to other websites and most importantly video. 

Tailor one or two big ideas for the social media channel. Restaurant may feature guest photos and videos showing the chef cooking various recipes.

The video should be about 15 to 30 seconds. Should have an urgent and meaningful content.The first 5 seconds should be eye catching.

The video should be in the style of your buyer profile.

Titles are effective to tell the message and are non invasive in the play location.

Plan updates to refresh the site on a continual basis. Images may be the main update but then create one alternate type of content (video) for every four images.

Keep yourself continually in front of viewer.

Monitor the likes, views and shares to see what content is most successful.

Make sure employees are continually on the alert to see if there is some spontaneous content that can be captured.